About Perrin Sequences

Perrin Sequences -My Chalkboard

These chapters are available on request.

Chalkboard #1 – Generation
Chalkboard #2 – Finite Sequences
Chalkboard #3- Prime Classes
Chalkboard #4- Matrix Representation
Chalkboard #5 – Circulant Matrices and Equivalence Classes
Chalkboard #6 – Exactly realizable sequences and Equivalence
Chalkboard #7 – Higher Order Perrin Sequences
Chalkboard #8 – [a,b] classes of elliptic equations and an Invariant
Chalkboard #9 – The Generating Functions
Chalkboard #10 -Dynamical Zeta Functions
Chalkboard #11- Maximal independent sets, cycles and spanning trees
Chalkboard #12- Elliptic Curves over the Rational Number Field
Appendix: Elements of F(25)

Chalkboard #13- Perrin Pseudoprimes

Appendices to Perrin Pseudoprimes

Chapter 14- Perrin Prime Distribution Theorem

Chapter 15- Calculation of the Nth term in the Perrin Sequence when N is Prime

Chapter 16- An Application to Multiple Zeta Values

Chapter 17- Perrin’s First Sequence and other Isomorphic Recurrence Sequences

Appendix- New Observations for the Restricted Rogers-Ramanujan Identity

Chapter 18 – A General Algorithm and Perrin and Padovan Sequences

Chapter 19- Geometry of the Perrin and Padovan Sequences

Chapter 20- Integer Sequences, Discriminants and the Dedekind Eta Function

Chapter 21- Deducing Polynomial Division Algorithms using a Groebner Basis

Chapter 22- Factoring P2(x,n) over a Finite Field

Chapter 23- The Perrin Conjugate and the Laguerre Orthogonal Polynomial

Chapter 24- The Jacobi Polynomial, Laguerre  Polynomial and Delannoy numbers

Chapter 25- The Laplace Operator

Chapter 26- The Laplace Operator Part 2

Chapter 27- The Jacobi Polynomial Revisited

Chapter 28- Expressing a q continued fraction in Radicals.

Richard Turk

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